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Why do enterprises in chemical machinery industry use customized shelf system

As a user, you may only need to care about your own warehouse structure and storage mode of goods, but as a professional factory shelf customization manufacturer, we need to customize the most suitable shelf system for you every time we make warehousing plan for users. Generally, the following aspects should be considered:

1. The area and layout of your warehouse, as well as the length and width of your warehouse, including your warehouse building drawings, if not, we will measure them for you free.

This is to determine the plane layout of shelves and provide maximum space utilization.

2. Know the weight of your goods.

Mainly to determine the use of light, medium, heavy and light storage shelf program;

3. Know the shape of your goods

For example: valves, fasteners, plates, bearings, gears, long items and electrical controls, etc.

Because there are many ways of loading and unloading shelves, this is to determine the storage space of each unit, and storage mode, is to use cantilever, mobile, narrow roadway, attic and so on.


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