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What are the vulnerable parts in dry mortar equipment?

Dry mortar equipment is a kind of mechanical equipment commonly used by many construction companies or processing enterprises, but we should know that as long as the mechanical equipment is in operation, there will be corresponding damage, whether external or internal parts will be correspondingly worn, then in dry mortar equipment, which parts are vulnerable parts?

First of all, the moving parts in the equipment are vulnerable parts, which mainly include the mixing shaft of dry mortar equipment and the rotating impeller of packaging machine. These are classified as a group because they are directly loaded on the mortar, resulting in greater friction. Therefore, in the process of equipment production, the manufacturer should thicken the moving parts of the mixing shaft. The material is wear-resistant alloy steel. In addition, the life of the mixing shaft is almost the same as that of the whole mixing equipment. The impeller of the packaging machine needs to be cast at one time, and will be sent out randomly when the equipment is sold to ensure that the customers will not break down after a year's quality guarantee.

In addition, when the equipment is reused, the fixed vulnerable parts on the equipment mainly include the rubber hose of the dry mortar packaging machine, which can be said to be damaged parts in the fixed parts. As for the main reason to solve the damage problem, the main reason is to change the 3mm ordinary silicone hose to 4mm high-strength tear-resistant silicone hose, which can greatly alleviate this problem in use and make customers free. No matter what kind of mortar is used, it will not worry about the wear resistance of rubber hose.


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