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How to keep the dust removal equipment warm in winter

In winter, people, animals, plants and so on should be kept warm. Of course, dust removal equipment also needs to be kept warm in winter. Rock wool is protected by colored steel tile to prevent rock wool from being damaged by rain or snow corrosion. When winter comes, the temperature decreases, dew phenomenon easily occurs in the process of using the dust collector. If the dew phenomenon is not handled properly in time, it will aggravate the erosion of dust removal equipment and hydrolyze the filter bag. It can shorten the service life of the dust collector, even make the dust stick to the surface of the filter bag and block the air holes of the filter bag, resulting in a sudden increase in the resistance of the dust collector, which makes it unable to work normally. The heat preservation of the dust collector is carried out by using asbestos outside the dust collector to ensure that the temperature of the electric field is above the dew point temperature, so as to prevent the dust smoke from dewing and pasting the bag or sticking to the dust collector. Therefore, it is particularly important to heat preservation of dust removal equipment in winter.

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