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Putty Powder Production Line

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Putty Powder Production Line:


This line mainly consists of the following parts: material store silo, spiral conveyor,horizontal efficient mixer, bucket elevator ,end product silo, packing machine, dust collector, air compressor, and control system etc..


It has simple structure, flexible production and less investment, design reasonable ,good performance ,simple operation ,low maintenance cost ,2-4 workers could operate,covers smaller area ,energy consumption lower ,higher output.

Occupation Area﹤20m2, Height ﹤3.5m, its capacity at 25-30t per day.

The line is used for producing the motor,under :

Suitable for external walls ,painted gypsum putty powder ,diatom mud ,

Insulation adhesive motar, plaster anti-cracking mortar ,wear-resisting flooring etc .

Technical Parameters:


Host Power (KW)

Capacity (T/H)

Host Volume (M3)

















Pls kindly check the more details for designing and building the satisfied project,under :

1- What's the capacity for the plant?-----------------------------2 to 100 T/H

2- What's your raw materials?-----------------------Cement , sand, Fly ash/GGBS,and Additive material kinds (Mineral admixture,Chemical additives kinds)

3- What's the usage of the final products?-------------Dry mortar for Plastering and masonry work or others ,There are more than 16 kinds of mortar and this line can produce about five of them. If you want to produce even more,we can also offer.

4- How do you want to packing the final products?-----------

Automatic packing In HDPE/ Paper bags and through Transit mixers

5-Where is the production line build?------------indoor or outdoor .

Vertical type:the height of this line is big more investment of steel supporting structure

Block type: needing more factory area but less steel supporting structure

Workshop type: install in a workshop and the height is within the workshop height

Tower type : the line is smooth and need less workers ,Height is higher and cost is higher

6-How many invest do you want ?-----------

Simple type with manual batching and packing ,the invest is lower ;

Semi-auto type with Automatic batching of coarse material,

manual batching of additive, automatic packing,the cost is mid invest;

Full-auto type with Automatic batching of raw material and packing,the invest is higher .

7-How longer our machine could use ?-------------

Our company uses medium high-grade configuration, operation equipment is not less than 10 years, other equipment 15-20.

8-How longer the machine need to repair and maintenance the machine ?What is the fee ?-------------------

In addition to add lubricating oil regularly, no other fees.

9-Could you provide us to install service ?-----------

Yes ,we could provide install service in your local with our engineer or teach in our factory .

10-When will you start the plant please?---------

If you have plan ,we could arrange you to visit our production line from old clients.

11- What is the terms payment and delivery time ?-------

T/T ,Or L/C ; The delivery time is about 30-50days after receiving advance payment.

12- Do you have any International Certificate ?-------

ISO 9001 and CE certificate

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