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1-5t/h dry-mixed mortar production line

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1-5t/h Simple Type dry-mixed mortar production line

This line is composed of bucket elevator, mixer, finished product warehouse, simple packing auger, dust remover, electrical cabinet, air compressor and gas phase balance, mostly suitale for the new investors into mortar industries. The materials are measured manually through bucket elevator to the mixer. The materials are mixed into finished warehouse, then through packing auger to measure and pack manually. Low investment

Yield:   5-15 tons per hour

Operators: 3-5

Machine equipment: 5-10m

Covering area: about 50

Technical parameter:

Model Host Power(KW)Annual Capacity(T)Host Volume (M3)Floor Space (m2)

Working principle for simple type dry mortar production line:

Dry mortar production line: First the raw material is put into the feed hooper according to mixture ratio, and then, through the action of control system, the equipment can realize automatic feeding, automatic mixing and automatic rationing and packaging. Furthermore, the equipment adopts high-efficiency biaxial agravic mixer as its main mixing system. Requiring little investment and small area but with good efficiency, it shall be an ideal one for small and medium-sized company.

Features for dry mortar production line:

1, Stable performance, particularly strong wear resistance, long service life, the material is mixed evenly;

2, moderate investment, short construction period, investment returns quickly.

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