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Dry Powder Automatic open mouth bag packing machine

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Item:open type dry powder automatic packaging machine
Output per nozzle:8-10T/h
Power per nozzle:3 kw
Weight per bag:15-50


This machine has the following characters:

1, This machine adopts the computerized metering device, thus it can weight accurately,   perform stably and be operated easily.

2, This machine is small in volume, low in weight and convenient for adjusting and maintaining; besides, thanks to its mechatronics, it can save electrical energy.

3, MG series packaging machine can be classified into impeller type and screw type according to their material discharging mode;

4, Wide application: This machine can be applied not only in the packaging of dry mortar but also in the packaging of other powder or particle materials, just as cement, dry mortar, fly ash, lime, calcium carbonate, talcum powder, gypsum, bentonite, kaolin, carbon black, alumina, fire materials powder, granule materials and so on.

Technical parameters:

Main weighting and feeding system:

1, measurement methods: vibration feeding weighing type (double cropping)

2, packaging Weight:10KG-25KG Adjust

3, packaging accuracy: ≤ ± 0.3g

4, Packing speed:about 3-5 Bag / min.

5, Power: 50 60Hz single-phase 220V/380V

6, The  Power:3KW 

7, The weight for machine:150kg

8, Volume:630 x 530 x 1660mm

9, Air power:0.4-0.6MPA 

10,Belt Conveyor Power :0.75KW 


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